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LED Linear Light Series
Model: BPLHE
1.Modern design, slim and space-tight.
2.Premium aluminum body, good for heat dissipation.
3.Stable performance, no flicke.
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Model Input Voltage Power Beam Angle Luminous Flux LED Life Time Size(mm)
BPLHE015 100-240V 15W 110° 1200Lm 2835 ≥50000Hrs L600*W75*H39
BPLHE024 100-240V 24W 110° 1920Lm 2835 ≥50000Hrs L1200*W75*H39
BPLHE026 100-240V 26W 110° 2080Lm 2835 ≥50000Hrs L600*W123*H48
BPLHE050 100-240V 50W 110° 4000Lm 2835 ≥50000Hrs L1200*W123*H48