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LED Ceiling Light Series
Model: BCLTD
1.Constant-current driver, low power consumption and safety
2.Slim modern design, easy mounting and usage
3.Unique electronic circuit that truly achieve Energy Saving
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Model Input Voltage Power Luminous Flux LED Ra Life Time Size(mm)
BCLTD040 100-240V 40W 2150Lm 2835 >80 ≥50000Hrs 428*428*55
BCLTD040-1 100-240V 40W 2150Lm 2835 >80 ≥50000Hrs ∅428*H55
BCLTD060 100-240V 60W 3500Lm 2835 >80 ≥50000Hrs 628*628*55
BCLTD060-1 100-240V 60W 3500Lm 2835 >80 ≥50000Hrs ∅628*H55
BCLTD080 100-240V 80W 5600Lm 2835 >80 ≥50000Hrs ∅828*H55