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LED Pannel Series
Model: BPLHE
1.Premium LED, side emitting and even light output.
2.Sava 50% power, green and eco-friendly.
3.Constant-current driver, stable performance.
4.Instant-on switch, no flicker, no buzzing.
5.Conform to EMC standard with lifespan of 5 years.
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Model Input Voltage Power Beam Angle Luminous Flux LED Life Time Size(mm)
BPLHE014 100-240V 14W 120° 700Lm 4014 ≥50000Hrs L300*W300*H15
BPLHE022 100-240V 22W 120° 1485Lm 4014 ≥50000Hrs L300*W600*H15
BPLHE036 100-240V 36W 120° 2645Lm 4014 ≥50000Hrs L300*W1200*H15
BPLHE036-1 100-240V 36W 120° 2650Lm 4014 ≥50000Hrs L600*W600*H15