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LED Bulb Series
Model: BBLSC
1.Premium aluminum body, beautiful and good for heat dissipation.
2.Super bright chip LED, high CRI, various colors available.
3.Easy to install, wide luminous range, resistant to dust and electricity leakage, energy-saving and long lifespan.
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Model Input Voltage Power Beam Angle Luminous Flux LED Life Time Lamp Holder Size(mm)
BBLSC004 AC/DC 12V 4W 24° 320Lm 1W ≥50000Hrs MR16/GU5.3 ∅50*H48
BBLSC002 AC/DC 12V 2W 24° 180Lm 3535 ≥50000Hrs MR11/GU4.0 ∅34.5*H32