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LED Linear Light Series
Model: BLLAE
1.Eco-friendly saves more than 60% more energy by using ultra-bright LEDs.
2.The built-in constant current driver insures 90% more efficiency and stable performance.
3.The special optic design improves the light output.
4.Low light decay, long lifetime.
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Model Input Voltage Power Beam Angle Luminous Flux LED Life Time Size(mm)
BLLAE005 100-240V 5W 170° 420Lm 2835 ≥50000Hrs L307*W23.5*34.5
BLLAE009 100-240V 9W 170° 730Lm 2835 ≥50000Hrs L568*W23.5*34.5
BLLAE012 100-240V 12W 170° 1010Lm 2835 ≥50000Hrs L868*W23.5*34.5
BLLAE015 100-240V 15W 170° 1250Lm 2835 ≥50000Hrs L1168*W23.5*34.5
BLLAE018 100-240V 18W 170° 1520Lm 2835 ≥50000Hrs L1438*W23.5*34.5